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25 Things you can turn your garden shed into:

January 15, 2018

Whether you have a wooden shed, a metal shed, or a plastic shed, you can turn your dilapidated, moss covered, dirty old shed that has been an eye-sore and embarrasment up to now into any of these amazing things listed below. Just have your shed professionally cleaned first.

Then, depending on what type of shed you have, and what you want to turn the shed into, you can have your shed treated, painted, insulated and electrical cables run to your shed. If you don't have a shed, then you can consider buying or building a shed - the bigger the better! Some extra space always comes in very handy.

You might want to consider having some windows installed and having the existing door replaced with a lockable door that will be covered by insurance. You more than likely need all kinds of fittiing and installation and modification work done on the inside as well as the outside of the shed.

Then, before you go any further, you should decide what you would like to turn your shed into. Once you have decided what you want to do, then only can can think about decor on the inside  as well as the outside of the shed, including the garden area around it. Let your imagination run wild! Let your creative inner-child run free! Plan exactly to the finest detail what you want, where and how and see all of the detail completed in you minds eye. Do you love what it looks like in your minds eye? If you do, then why don't you turn your dreams into a reality right now? Turning your shed into the stunning haven you desire will not only add to your enjoyment, it would also increase the value to your property.

Here is the list you can consider of things you can turn your shed into:

  1. A Characterful Garden Bar or Pub Shed
  2. A Private Friendly Games Room
  3. A Impressing Sports Bar
  4. A Very Handy Hobby Room
  5. A Crafty Crafts Room
  6. A Tranquil Library
  7. A Private Acoustic Music Room
  8. A Handy & Nifty Kitchenette
  9. An Impressive All-Weather Indoor BBQ Room
  10. A Fun Jacuzzi Room
  11. A Sizzling Sauna Room
  12. A Cool Summer House
  13. A Characterful Cozy Bistro
  14. A Quaint Tea Room
  15. An Impressive Coffee-Connoisseur's Room
  16. A Smoke Room - The kind too smoke your bacon in, not your lungs!
  17. A Cozy Handy Home for your Pets
  18. A Fun Play House for your Children
  19. A Private Gym
  20. An Quiet Private Office or Study
  21. A Private TV Room
  22. A Unique Place to Strart your own business
  23. An Organised Work Shop
  24. A Storage Haven
  25. A Unique Potting Shed or Green House

How to remove stains from your Carpets

February 14, 2018

What You Should Know Before You Start

To remove a stain, you need to:

  • IMMEDIATELY vacuum the stain up from the carpet with a wet-vac
  • Then blot the stain dry with a super-absorbent paper towel, working from the outside edge of the stain towards the inner area of the stain.
  • Then rinse or wet the area thoroughly with clean water (cool water -NOT hot water)
  • Then IMMEDIATELY vacuum the wet stained area with a wet-vac again
  • Then finally blot the area dry again, working from the outside edge of the stain towards the inside area of the stain.
You must NEVER scrub the carpet as you might:
  • Spread the stain even further into the surrounding areas of the carpet
  • Spread the stain even deeper into the carpet fibers
  • Run the risk of ruining the carpet fibers
  • Cauase the spill soak through to the pad of the carpet.
  • Make it much more difficult to remove this carpet stain completely 
There are numerous spot removers for sale on the market. Before you use any of these spot removers, you need to test it out first in an inconspicuous spot on your carpet to find out if it perhaps discolours or stains your carpet. The best product on the market in my opion that removes stains from carpets is  BISSELL® Carpet Cleaning Formulas. Other good products include RESOLVE® Carpet Cleaners, and even OxiClean® for stained carpets. If you are dealing with a stubborn stain, use these products as directed and then use the procedure described below to remove Kool-Aid stains until the stain has vanished.

For more specific advice to remove a stain from your carpet, look at the list below to find the type of stain you want to remove. Over and above these methods lited below:

Very Stubborn Stains:

Blood Stains:

Method 1:

  1. Treat the stain as quickly as possible - the quicker the better
  2. always use cold water NEVER warm or hot water
  3. Fill a spray bottle with
    1. Two teaspoons of a grease-fighting, liquid dish detergent like Dawn or Fairy Liquid
    2. Water
  4. Spray on the stain liberally until the carpet stain is completely soaked.
  5. Blot the stained area with a super-absorbent paper towel until dry, transferring the blood to the cloth.
  6. Rinse with cold water
  7. repeat if necessary.

Method 2:

OxiClean® is bleach free and with its abilities to oxygenate most carpet stains, it is ideal for blood stains, but use cold water (instead of hot water) to dilute it and mix as well as you can. Spray this on the blood stain on the carpet then blot until dry, rinse, and repeat if necessary

You can use a combination of Method 1 and Method 2 to remove stubborn blood stains and keep on until the stain is gone

Coffee stains

These stains can leave a carpet looking absolutely filthy if not removed promptly and correctly. 

Procedure 1:

  1. Blot dry with a new, clean and dry super-absorbent paper towel, changing to a new, clean and dry super-absorbent paper towel each time it becomes saturated
  2. Prepare a mixture of vinegar, a gentle, non-bleach detergent and water
  3. Spray on the stained area until it is thoroughly soaked.
  4. Leave for 5-10 minutes
  5. Vacuum with a wet-vac
  6. Spray the stained area thoroughly with clean water
  7. Vacuum with a wet-vac
  8. Repeat steps 6 and 7 until all traces of detergent and vinegar is removed.
  9. Complete steps 2 to 8 until the stain is completely removed.
  10. Blot dry with a new, dry and clean paper towel

Procedure 2:

This procedure is only suitable for carpets such as Polypropylene that will respond safely to a carpet stain treatment of water and bleach.

  1. Prepare a mixture of 1/4 cup of bleach to 1 and a 1/4 cup  of water in a spray bottle.
  2. Spray on the stained area thoroughly until it is completely soaked.
  3. Vacuum with a wet-vac
  4. Rinse with clean warm water
  5. Repeat this procedure until the stain is completely removed.
  6. Blot dry with a new, dry and clean paper towel

Cranberry Juice Stain

This type of stain is one of the hardest to get out the carpet.

Method 1:

At the same time do the following two things (simultaniously)

  1. Slowly pour hot (almost boiling) water from a kettle on the spot
  2. Vacuum it all up at the with a wet-vac

If the stain is still visible then do the following:

  1. Mix 4 or 5 drops of Dawn dishwashing liquid or Fairy Dishwashing Liquid into one cup of water
  2. Put this mixture in a spray bottle
  3. Spray the stained area thoroughly until it is soaked
  4. Leave for 4-5 minutes
  5. Slowly pour hot (almost boiling) water from a kettle on the spot
  6. Vacuum it all up at the with a wet-vac
  7. Repeat steps 5 and 6 untill ALL of the residue is remove - to prevent the stain from coming back - VERY IMPORTANT!

You could also consider using method 2 instead, or maybe use method 2 first and then try method 1 afterwards untill the stain is removed.

Method 2:

You will need:

  • Ammonia
  • Hot water
  • Spray bottle
  • A stack of clean, dry white towels
  • Clothes iron


  • Plug in your iron to let it preheat  as close to the stain you want to remove as possible and use an extension to make sure the iron will reach all the way to the stain later on
  • Now fill your spray bottle with a mixture of one part ammonia and one part hot water
  • Screw the top onto the spray bottle and shake to mix properly


  1. Spray the stained carpet area thoroughly with the diluted ammonia mixture until it is completely soaked
  2. Spread one of a clean towel over the top of it
  3. Place your iron onto the towel and keep on moving it around slowly to avoid burning the carpet - this will absorb the stain into the towel.
  • Repeat steps 1 to 3 untill the stain is removed - it may be neccessary to use quite a number of towels, depending on just how severy the stain is. Be assured that eventually the whole stain should come up out of the carpet!

Ink Stains

Ink stains can wreck carpets, even destroying it.


  1. Act quickly!
  2. Dampen a clean white cloth with isopropyl alcohol (as high a percentage of the active ingredient as possible) the better
  3. Dab the wet cloth on the whole of the stained area
  4. Do not to rub or scrub the stained area as this could cause the ink spot to spread!
  5. Leave for a 5-10 minures
  6. Vacuum with a wet-vac
  7. Repeat this procedure until the stain is removed

If you don't have isopropyl alcohol In the house at the time, replace it with any one of the following - but FIRST test on an inconspicious small area of the carpet to see if it will perhahps damage your carpet:

  • White Vinegar
  • White Wine
  • hairspray
  • nail polish remover
  • Anything else that contain high contents of alcohol

When using any of the above, use the same method described above except rinse the stained area with water first before you vacuum it with a wet-vac

and repeat the procedure untill the stain is removed.

Kool-Aid Stains

Kool-Aid can create absolutely horrific carpet stains on any kind of carpeting. With the right treatments, however, you CAN remove Kool-Aid carpet stains from carpets, even from white carpets.  To remove the tough carpet stains caused by this colored beverage, carefully follow the procedure outlined below:


  1. You must always gently blot the stain with an absorbent paper towel. 
  2. Put a mixture of the following ingredients in a spray bottle
    1.  1/4 cup of white vinegar
    2. 1 tbsp. of Dawn dish soap
    3. Now fill the spray bottle with pute water
  3. Spray the stained area liberally with the above mixture
  4. Leave it to soak for 5-10 minutes
  5. Blot with a dry super absorbent paper towels until dry.
  6. Repeat steps 3 to 5 until stain is removed.
You must never ever rub the stain as this can:
    • Damage the carpet fibre
    • Spread the stain all the way to the carpet pad
    • Make it much more difficult to remove this carpet stain completely 

Pet Stains

There are methods that can get rid of the odor familiar with these types of stains as well as completely remove these types of stains from a carpet

Metod to remove pet stains:

  • First of all, clean up the mess, ensuring to pick up any debris left on the carpet with gloves and dispose of it.
If it is wet:
  • Blot the stained area with a clean and dry super-absorband paper towel to soak up the moisture
  • Be sure not to rub the stained area as it will only spread the stain evern furhter and more deeply into the carpet.
  • Blot the stained area repeatedly until the carpet is almost dry to the touch and carpet stain is removed.

If the stain has already dried:

Method 1:

  • Mix 1/4 cup of white vinegar (or white wine) with 1 litre of water
  • Put above mixture in a spray bottle and shake well
  • Spray this mixture onto the stained area until the stained area is thoroughly soaked
  • Leave to soak for 4-5 minutes
  • Now blot the stained area with a clean, dry ultra-absorbent paper towel untill the stain is gone and it is dry

Method 2:

  • Mix a litre of water with a stain-fighting laundry detergent in a spray bottle
  • Spray this mixture onto the stained area until the stained area is thoroughly soaked

    Leave to soak for 4-5 minutes
  • Rinse with warm water, and repeat as necessary
Method 2:
  • Moisten the stained area first by spraying with clean luke warm water
  • Now apply a carpet stain cleaning product specifically formulated for pet stains and clean as per the manufacturer's instructions.

Special Water-Soluble Stains (in alphabetical order):







On Wool (or wool-blend) carpets:

  • use mild detergent and water

On all other carpets:

  • Use a cleaning solution consisting of 1 tablespoon of ammonia mixed with 1 cup of water (not to be used on wool or wool-blend carpet). 
If that doesn't work then: Use a cleaning sollution consisting of one part chlorine bleach to five parts water (ONLY on polypropylene type carpets as bleach will harm other types of carpets)  If you are unsure what type of carpet you have, check with the manufacturer.

Water-Soluble Stains (In Alphabitcal Order):

alcoholic beverages




food dyes


ice cream




wet or latex paint


Use a cleaning solution consisting of 1/4 teaspoon of non-bleach detergent (or white vinegar) mixed with 32 ounces of water. 

Fat, Oil, and Wax

To remove any Fat, Wax or Oil stains from a carpet, place an absorbent paper towel (or even brown paper) over the carpet and iron on warm setting. - NOT too hot! The fat, wax or oil should be absorbed by the papertowel as it melts from the heat of the iron. You might have re repeat this process a few times untill all of the Fat, Wax or Oil has been lifted from the carpet and absorbed by the paper towel due to the heat of the iron. Make sure the iron is not to warm!

Cigarette Burns

This can be removed by gently rubbing the pile with the edge of a hard and flat surface of a dull knife for instance.


Moisten a soft cloth with rubbing alcohol and press it on the affected area until the glue residue is thoroughly moistened. Then gently wipe it off and repeat until all traces of the glue is removed.


Rub the gum with ice cubes, freezing the gum and then shatter the frozen gum with a spoon or any other blunt object. Then vacuum this up immediately before the pieces soften again. You might have to repeat this process a few times to remove all traces of the gum. Lastly blot the carpet with an absorbent paper towel.

Nail Polish

Blot (but don't rub) the stained area with a cloth that is dipped in nail polish remover.


  • Absorb as much as possible with absorbent paper towels.
  • Blot the area with a cool, damp cloth.
  • Spray the area with a solution made of one part white vinegar to one part water.
  • Blot with an absorbent paper towel.
  • Apply a solution made up of 1/2 teaspoon of clear, mild, nonbleach detergent mixed with 32 ounces of water
  •  Blot with paper absorbernt paper towel
  • Spray the area with clean water
  • Blot dry.
  • Repeat the last two steps untill ALL traces of the detergent is removed

Ongoing Maintenance

You should always have your carpet thoroughly cleaned at the very least least once a year. There are many professional carpet cleaning services. If you wish to you can always rent a steam carpet cleaner - usually available at your local supermarket.

If you decide to do it yourself rather than hiring a professional, you need to keep a the following in mind:

• Make sure the cleaning equipment you choose has enough vacuum power to allow the carpet to dry as soon as possible - the sooner the better - but preferably within 4 hours and maximum within 12 hours. If not then you may risk damaging your carpet.

• Always use fans as well as a dehumidifier if possible to expedite drying time after the carpet is cleaned. Be aware of the danger of running the risk of mold or bacteria growth if your carpet is wet for24 hours or longer.

• Always use a cleaning solution with a pH of 10 or less

• Always thoroughly remove all traces of detergent after the carpet is cleaning by rinsing the carpet with pure clean water untill all traces of detergent is removed.

• Double-check your warranty. This is very important as carpets with stain resistance must be cleaned with products is specifically formulated to use with these carpets as  you might risk impairing their effectiveness of the stain resistance treatment and voiding your warranty altoghether.

What is the best way to deal with your Food Waste?

March 15, 2018

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